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Cara Elaine


I'm so glad you stopped by!

Hi there! I'm Cara. I am a Christian artist and author and I am passionate about the word of God and His beautiful creation, including His kids (that means YOU!). It is what inspires my artwork and so many other things! I have my art itself here but I will also be sharing my art and healing journey as well! 
Art is one of the ways I commune and connect to God and has become a beautiful place of refuge and worship for me. However, that is not the only place I find connection and purpose in my Lord and Savior!
I also have a passion to help others find the healing I have found with the tools and resources I've learned along the way that support the mind, body, and soul. They are all connected! I'll be sharing tools, tips, inspiration, encouragement,  how-to's, devotionals, Bible studies, recipes, art process & tutorial videos and more! My hope is that these resources from my journey will be helpful to you on yours!


Cara Elaine Fine Art


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