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Artwork Details:
Title: Pivot
Size: 48" x 48"x 1 1/2”
Medium: Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Satin Protective Finish


Price: $1100

It is so easy to be so stuck in our ways that we have tunnel vision and lose perspective. I've learned when I am willing to humble myself and allow Jesus to redirect me, I find that I'm more in His presence and in His peace. His correction has become something I have come to respect and even love because I see how through that training He draws His children even closer and gives us more wisdom and peace. After all, that's what any parent that loves their children does... they guide them and direct them for their own good. So, when God wants to pivot you in another direction, remember that's His love pouring over you calling you in closer and deeper... then get ready for the beauty that follows!

Inspired by Hebrews 12:5-11

10% of the proceeds from this painting will be donated to the current featured mission. For more information, lease click here.

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