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Updated: Feb 15

If we are God's field and we want to have good soil, it must be saturated in the grace of God.

If God's grace saturates our field it allows us to receive the truth and allows it to be planted in us. Grace is also our "miracle grow" that nourishes the truth and allows its roots to grow deeply to produce the fruit of the Spirit.

If we have a field of shame...truth cannot grow there.

Field of pride? Blind to the truth and don't receive it.

If we have grace then we can receive from heaven instead of hell... Then that becomes what we give as well. That's why grace is so important. We have to learn to receive grace to give it!!!!!

Grace opens our eyes to who God really is which allows us to see who we really are. I believe grace is the lens we have to see ourselves and others through to receive God's truth and allow that truth to free us.

Check out 1 Corinthians 3 while you're at it and plant some of that good word inside of you!

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